Time-Blind John

Toying with The Idea of A World without A Sense of Time

Dialoguers: Alan Fleming, 罗子禾

John is an ordinary human being in every way, except one; John has no concept of time. He wasn’t born that way. At age 25 he hilariously fell off a hover board and hit his head. He received a million views on YouTube, and a serious head injury. Ever since, he has had no concept of time.

The question for us is this; what would John’s experience of the world be like?

Keep in mind that time is a complicated concept. Although the average human being has no real understanding of it, they all possess the concept and are able to use it functionally. Our memories, for example, are time stamped at their creation and then stored in their appropriate chronological order (of course, sometimes our storage capabilities make mistakes). This gives us our sense of time passing and so our sense of “change”.

But what about John? What is his world like?


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