Las Vegas Tales VI

Bryan: the Insurance Agent's Tale II by Mark Kodama   Now, as said before, Croesus had two sons. Atys, the eldest son, the crown prince, Was an offspring second to none The model of courage and intelligence Greatness, generosity and eloquence. His second son, however, was unfit A deaf mute, a half wit.   Morpheus … Continue reading Las Vegas Tales VI

Q/A With an Irish Pagan

  Q: Who are the main gods? A: The gods are members of the Tuatha Dé Danann (tribe of Danu) Danu is often considered the mother of them all, but she is not explicitly mentioned in the mythology. The Dagda (the good god) and the Morrigan (great queen) are sometimes considered to be mates, however … Continue reading Q/A With an Irish Pagan