Las Vegas Tales IV

Jennifer Faulle: The Young Woman's Tale Legend of Dusty the Racer by Mark Kodama Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius Elbows to the ground. Feel the vibration. I was the rookie racing sensation My motorbike flies into the turn. Smell the rubber burn. The winner’s circle is my destination. Hear my engine … Continue reading Las Vegas Tales IV

Self-Love Tip #1: Worship Your Hair

While I was growing up there were no black Disney princesses. Had there been a black princess, surely I would have identified with her and wanted to look like her, perhaps, even be her. However, all I knew was Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and you know all the other beautiful non-black Disney princesses. So is it far-fetched to say that maybe black women admired white women during that time?