Summer Daze, Summer Haze

by Vivian The sun blasts through the window. Hazy rays of light illuminating Through the translucent pink curtains. Specks of light fall through green leaves and little eyelids. Little legs run through fresh-cut greens. Silky grass grazes through little toes and tickles little armpits. The warm air kisses the tips of little foreheads and flat … Continue reading Summer Daze, Summer Haze

Fatal Attraction

by Vanessa Carter  I don’t think he understands the hold he has on me, but then again no one does. And I don’t think he understands that the idea of me without him makes my stomach quiver uncontrollably, like the uncontrollable shudder your gut makes from what I imagine is your heart descending from its original position in … Continue reading Fatal Attraction

Book Review: Vortex

I just finished Vortex. I must say it was like hosting a neighborhood potluck with all your friends bringing their 'A' dishes. I certainly skipped all the starchy food so as to leave room for the very best. I was not disappointed. Vortex, an anthology of literary fiction, is edited by Grant P. Hudson and … Continue reading Book Review: Vortex

Las Vegas Tales V

Bryan: the Insurance Agent's Tale The Happiest Man: I by Mark Kodama   Once upon a time, In ancient Lydia, there ruled King Croesus, A man famed for his riches and power. Now, Croesus lived in his palace in Sardis, Renown for its crenulated  towers. And its shaded verdant mountain bowers. Lydian gold known throughout … Continue reading Las Vegas Tales V

Las Vegas Tales VI

Bryan: the Insurance Agent's Tale II by Mark Kodama   Now, as said before, Croesus had two sons. Atys, the eldest son, the crown prince, Was an offspring second to none The model of courage and intelligence Greatness, generosity and eloquence. His second son, however, was unfit A deaf mute, a half wit.   Morpheus … Continue reading Las Vegas Tales VI

Las Vegas Tales IV

Jennifer Faulle: The Young Woman's Tale Legend of Dusty the Racer by Mark Kodama Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. Confucius Elbows to the ground. Feel the vibration. I was the rookie racing sensation My motorbike flies into the turn. Smell the rubber burn. The winner’s circle is my destination. Hear my engine … Continue reading Las Vegas Tales IV