Exploring Satanism with ‘The Lazy Satanist’

The following is a brief interview with a Satanist I spoke to last week. The Lazy Satanist encourages people to visit the Church of Satan's website for more detailed information. Who are you? I prefer to let my dumb posts speak for themselves, but I'm no one in particular. https://www.facebook.com/TheLazySatanist/photos/a.252934945213905/485551475285583/?type=3&theater A post from The Lazy … Continue reading Exploring Satanism with ‘The Lazy Satanist’

Q/A with a Hellenic and Norse Pagan

I tried to take Christianity seriously, as in, follow the bible carefully, accept Jesus, pray etc., but I felt nothing and this went on until the middle of 2012, when I met a pagan. It was then I got introduced and the seeds were planted. So around early 2013, I found out about Hellenism. After researching Christianity, as well as history and other religions, I converted to Hellenism. It touched my being in ways Christianity never did or could.