Submission Guidelines

** Accepting Submissions**


Open Topics:

Art Reviews


Submissions can take up to 3 months to be placed on Peaks Journal. We will contact writers once their submissions are accepted for publication.

Returning writers are free to send a short a biography that will be added to ‘Peaks Writers.’ Returning Peaks Writers enjoy priority consideration.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but do keep us updated. We are no longer accepting previously published material. This includes all formal publications and personal blogs.

General Guidelines:

  • Be sure to only submit work that follows proper rules of grammar, if you have a soul.
  • Articles cannot be an attack on any specific person, or specific group.
  • Research-laden topics, such as History, Politics/News, are reserved for those with at least a BA in the subject, or those who demonstrate specialized knowledge in the area.
  • Articles should not go over 1500 words. They should be at least 400.
  • Poems need to be at least 100 words to be posted to the website. Poems less than 100 words will be posted to our social media accounts.
  • Prose submissions should be no more than 2,000 words.
  • Send submissions in doc, or docx formats.
  • Peaks Journal does not accept erotica, or any prose that has explicit sexual content
  • Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be rejected.


Peaks Journal loves giving writers a platform to share their unique works. We are not a ‘genre’ journal, so don’t focus on that.

We’re looking for writers with originality and creativity. We’re looking for magic and reality, for rainbows and shadows. Just keep it under 2000 words.


We’ve gotten stricter about our poetry guidelines, as good poetry is chicken noodle soup for the soul. There’s nothing like being forced to eat cold, or imitation chicken noodle soup. It’s depressing, to be honest.

We’re focused on originality and creativity here, too. Just keep it over 100 words.

Things to Know:

Writers retain ownership of all their materials. Peaks Journal will edit and market these materials as needed.

Writers can submit articles as frequently as they’d like. However, writers should be aware of the processing times.

Writers who would like to submit under a pen name will need to include their pen name in their articles. 

These rules are subject to change.