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NOTE: Please be aware that you are not “buying” a positive review. Reviews are non-refundable (I can’t just unread and un-review a book). However, if you’d prefer your book’s review to be taken down, I will happily oblige.

To avoid this awkward situation, I’d recommend ensuring that you send in your best work.

If you’re still not quite sure, don’t panic! I recommend getting a beta reader. But not just any beta reader. Ideally, you’ll want a decorated reader who has hundreds of multi-genre books under her belt. Additionally, you’ll want someone who has been trained to read critically and can give a detailed assessment of your book’s strengths and weaknesses.

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If, for any reason, I decide not to review your book, you will receive a full refund via Paypal along with an email within 48 hours. 

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Reviews generally take two weeks to three weeks to complete. One link included: to author or book website. The review will be featured.


Priority Review

This is recommended for authors who are on a tight schedule. Priority reviews will be completed and posted within a week and a half. One link included: to author or book website. The review will be featured on PJ.


Beta Reader

So you finally did it! You’re a soon-to-be published author and you can hardly believe it. You have an amazing story and you’re extremely excited about it. Only problem is, you’re left with too many questions:

Should the protagonist have more development? Is there too much narration? Too little? Is the plot realistic (echoing realities of the real world)? Is there too much subjective narration? Are the peripheral characters dimensional?

Personal Book Critique (40,000 words)

The report will at least be one full page. But can be, at most, 5 pages in length. Expect between 1 - 3 pages. Please contact me about your request before you make this transaction. This is not the same as a book review. It will not be published on PJ. This report will be more detailed and is addressed to you, the author.