The Quill Contest

‘The Quill’ Contest Rules
Stories must be at least 1000 words and be no more than 3500. Formatting is flexible, as long as words are legible, (no fancy fonts). Stories with illegible font will be disqualified.

Stories must contain only the title–names of writers must not be included. Include pen names, and age of writers in email. Do not disclose any private information, such as home address or school. There is a limit of one story per writer.

Hard copies being mailed in should include the pen name on sticky note, attached to the document. Stories can be about anything, but be sure to include the genre of the story in the email. It is important that stories be completely original, without the interference and manipulation of adults.

Winning entries will show knowledge of basic rules of grammar and have a clear plot.

Send the story as a PDF document to; for information on where to send hard-copies, send us a message.

Note: All mailed in copies will be sent back, or be available for pick up.

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