Autism Facts

Autism is a neurological condition that affects 1 in 42 boys, and 1 in 189 girls. It’s one of the most fastest growing conditions in the world, with about 70 million diagnosed people around the world. It’s incurable, but there are advanced methods for learning to cope.

It’s characterized as a series of conditions that affects social skills, behaviors and communication. There are differences in each case due to environmental and genetic causes. This is not an exhaustive list, but these are some causes:

-Maternal immunal response during pregnancy
-Parental exposure to toxins
-Age at conception
-Maternal nutrition
-There is no single “Autism gene.”
-There are 65 genes thought to be strongly linked to Autism
-200 are thought to be weakly linked

Autism can develop as early as 18 months, but tends to show around 2 or 3 years old. Early intervention can improve the life of a child with Autism.

ADHD, seizures, and gastrointestinal disorders are often described as accompanying those with autism.

Click here to learn the signs of Autism, and what actions you should take if you think your child has it. It’s important to not wait, and to take action to help your child have a full life.

Here are additional resources:

—“Applied Behavior Analysis,” –teaching patients a set of scientific laws and principles about human behavior to help them understand social cues, which come naturally to non-autistic people.

—Includes general information about Autism spectrum conditions.

—Includes information about Autism, and actions families can take to educate themselves.

Let’s Work Together 

Being diagnosed with Autism is not a death sentence, but many people treat it that way. Let’s raise awareness for Autism, and help educate affected families on the resources they have at their  disposal.

Let’s do that by dedicating poems to autistic children, their families, and the experience of being autistic, or having an autistic family member. You don’t have to be Shakespeare or Poe, all you need is the hashtag: #poetsforautism

Post your poems to your social media accounts with the hashtag to show your support for families with Autistic children!


The Arts Contest

‘The Arts’ Contest Rules

There is a limit of one piece per artist. Include pen name and age of artist in email.
Artwork should not be done on lined paper, unless it’s apart of an overall design. The use of paints, crayons, markers, colored pencils, and charcoal are encouraged.

Artwork being sent via mail should include a sticky note, or note card with the artist’s pen name on it. The pen name should not be on the artwork itself.

There is no limit on the kind of art that can be submitted, but the more original, the better. Artwork should not be manipulated by adults. Be sure to include the title of the artwork, either in the email or on the work itself.

Winning pieces will be creative, original, and thoughtful.

Send electronic entries to: peaksexpressioncontest@gmail.com; for information on where to mail hard-copy entries, send us a message.

Note: All mailed in copies will be sent back, or be available for pick up.

The Quill Contest

‘The Quill’ Contest Rules
Stories must be at least 1000 words and be no more than 3500. Formatting is flexible, as long as words are legible, (no fancy fonts). Stories with illegible font will be disqualified.

Stories must contain only the title–names of writers must not be included. Include pen names, and age of writers in email. Do not disclose any private information, such as home address or school. There is a limit of one story per writer.

Hard copies being mailed in should include the pen name on sticky note, attached to the document. Stories can be about anything, but be sure to include the genre of the story in the email. It is important that stories be completely original, without the interference and manipulation of adults.

Winning entries will show knowledge of basic rules of grammar and have a clear plot.

Send the story as a PDF document to Peaksexpressioncontest@gmail.com; for information on where to send hard-copies, send us a message.

Note: All mailed in copies will be sent back, or be available for pick up.

Contest Description & Information

Contest Description

Peaks & Valleys, sponsored by Kingdom Remnant International Ministries, is excited to announce the ‘The Arts’ and ‘The Quill.’ These are creative contests that will open every year in May. The purpose of these contests is to stimulate and encourage interest in the creative arts. Children are artists and Peaks & Valleys believes in encouraging them to become the best artists and writers they can be.

We also understand the importance of having supplies for school, which is why six winners will receive an assortment of supplies from their school’s supply list, including uniform shirts or pants. School supplies makes all the difference between a student that is ready to learn, and a student that is distracted.

Please keep in mind that even though these contests have prizes, the most important aspect of it should be your child’s enjoyment. Most of all, we want to encourage them, which is why the top six candidates in each category will have their work displayed on Peaks & Valleys website, Facebook page, and Instagram.


Official Rules

Artwork and stories should be done by middle school students, in 7th and 8th grade. Children under 13 are not authorized to have their work entered at this time. Future opportunities may arise in the years to come.

Peaks & Valleys will not accept submissions by students. Parents and legal guardians must enter on behalf of their children and submit their original work.

Relations of judges, and managers of Peaks & Valleys Writing Service and Kingdom Remnant International Ministries are ineligible to enter the contest.

How to Enter
There is no purchase necessary to win, and no incentive in any form shall be accepted by judges to sway the results of the contest. Purchases, likes, and shares will not affect final decisions.

Every parent entering on behalf of their children must not use their child’s email, or disclose any other information. Include only the child’s pen name in the email, as well as a list of items needed for the upcoming school year.

By entering on behalf of their children, parents consent to Peaks & Valleys displaying their art and stories on the website under their pen names.

Both contests, “The Arts” and “The Quill” open May 1st 11:59pm ET and close July 1st 11:59pm ET.
Early bird entries open April 15th.
Entries submitted after July 1st 11:59pm ET will not be accepted.

Prizes and Winners
Winners will be notified within two weeks after the deadline. Entrants that are not in the top 6 of each category will not be notified.

In each contest, there will be three prize winners. 1st place winners will receive a gift of an assortment of school supplies, including a uniform shirt, or pants. 2nd place winners will receive a smaller assortment of school supplies, including a uniform shirt, or pants. 3rd place winners will receive a notebook, a pack of pencils and a pencil pouch. 1st through 6th place winners will have their work displayed on Peaks & Valleys website, Facebook and Instagram. Winners will also recieve certificates.

Prize distribution will be managed by Kingdom Remnant International Ministries. Parents are welcomed to pick up their children’s prizes, or have them mailed.

Damaged Entries
Peaks & Valleys is not responsible for any lost in transit, damaged in transit, incomplete, or misdirected entries. Double check everything to ensure that entries are being mailed to the right email or address.

There will be four judges in total; two judges for the ‘The Quill’ and two for ‘The Arts.’
Story entries will be judged based on four broad categories:
1.) Originality; 2.) Creativity; 3.) Rules of Grammar; 4.) Plot
Art entries will be judged based on four broad categories:
1.) Originality; 2.) Creativity; 3.) Execution;

Each category will have a maximum score of 5, which represents superior work in that category. The highest score achievable is 20 in Writing and 15 in Art.

Entries: Submit electronic entries via email to Peaksexpressioncontest@gmail.com. For hard copies, send email inquiry.

Visit: The Quill Contest

Visit: The Arts Contest