Peaks Writers

In a world where hateful, extremist views run rampant because of social media and the prevalence of biased news sources, Peaks Journal is taking a stand.

Peaks Writers are critical thinkers who write articles that challenge the current political and social climate. They challenge the ideas of common beliefs and traditions, while teaching others about their own.

Peaks Journal is a place where the “right” and the “left” come together. We believe dialogue creates tolerance. So don’t be surprised to see topics you think are in complete opposition to the other.

As we grow, Peaks Journal will continue to be an online platform that gives the microphone to anyone willing to share their constructive beliefs and opinions.

That’s why we say: In a World Full of Demagogues, Be a Gadfly.

View current Peaks Writers that have agreed to share their bios with you. The list will grow as more writers opt to share their lives with you. If they included links to their social media profiles, feel free to connect with them!