JT (Julia Tong),  was born on July 5th 1995 in New York, NY. Her hobbies include watching anime, reading manga, and fiction. She especially loves novels with magical realism. She avidly follows the Marvel movies, especially the Marvel Cinema Universe.

She loves dogs, and believes she must have been one in a past life. She also loves music, food, comedy and creating dystopian worlds. But no worries, for now, she only writes about dystopian worlds. Her plans to overthrow our society as we know it have not yet come together.

 Her current projects:

Blog: Discover With JT –Discover music, nerd culture, and food with JT. We will dive into these topics and discover new stories and new perspectives.

YouTube page: 2 Fukn Nurds – Vanny and JT, 2 Fukn Nurds being nerds.

Her social Media accounts:


Youtube Page

As a writer, I am obsessed with stories. They are the source and result of our imagination. They are not only man kind’s entertainment, but also our guidance. Stories can deliver hope, despair, love, and ideals.

All creators etch a piece of their souls into each story they create. People receive them, feel them, and absorb them. People then reflect and digest the stories they receive, and eventually become creators in their own way.