How do I become a Peaks Writer?
It’s super easy. You ‘become’ a Peaks Writer once you’ve published multiple articles on Peaks Journal.

Do I have to create an account to submit?

How do I submit my work?
Send an email to peaksblog@gmail.com. All work by Peaks Writers receive priority consideration.

Do I still own material I submit to Peaks Journal?
Yes. Peaks Journal reserves the right to edit and promote your material on our platforms. Once Peaks Journal publishes its first anthology, chosen writers will be notified.

When can I request to have my bio placed on the website?
After two articles are placed on the website, you become an ‘official’ Peaks Writer. You may request to have your bio placed on the website.

My book promotion was rejected. Why?
While Peaks Journal accepts almost all requests for book promotions, there are certain requirements that need to be met. We do not accept book promotion requests that have pornographic images. We do not accept book promotion requests from erotic books that have no message. We do not accept book promotion requests from books that encourage any and all forms of hate.

I want to submit something, but I don’t want to become a Peaks Writer.
That’s fine. We have plenty room for guest writers and bloggers. Contact us about your interest and specify that you’d like to contribute a guest article.

Did this help?  Let us know how we can assist you. View our submission guidelines here.





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