Everyone Loves My Baby, Jeremiah

Everyone loves my baby… He’s so innocent and pure and friendly, and maybe…his differences are a part of his super power…better yet, maybe his purity is to show us humility, because his character is judgement free. What I would do to see the world through his eyes and experience his vision! And yea he has … Continue reading Everyone Loves My Baby, Jeremiah

Best Korean Skincare Products

My good friend was recently looking for writers for her blog; she came to me because I have been living in South Korea for over a year and plan to stay indefinitely. People always (actually only sometimes) told me, “You’re funny in a weird kind of way, do you have a blog?” or “Do you … Continue reading Best Korean Skincare Products

8 Features of an Unhealthy Relationship

Passion and romance are popular topics on social media. Everyone has their opinions on what creates a healthy relationship. Everyone also has an opinion on what guys and girls should do in relationships. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but opinions that perpetuate toxic behavior are not good. Here are 8 broad features … Continue reading 8 Features of an Unhealthy Relationship