From Slave Narratives

An Interview With Charles Coles

Charles Coles was an old man by the time he was interviewed at his home by an out-of-work writer employed by the Federal government. Mr. Rogers, the writer, was a slim fellow with a receding hairline. His clothes weren’t the finest old Mr. Coles had seen, but Mr. Rogers didn’t seem to notice. He stood there on his door step with the kind of twisted pride that came from three hundred years of being told people like him were better than most.

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Moorish American Philosophy Summed Up

“Islam in the culture of the Moslems, simply means peace. Peace with man, peace with all living things, which ultimately leads to peace with Allah. We believe deeply in the universal principles of the cosmological order and how every action has a reaction. These principles taught us also how to properly eat the correct foods and not to consume the foods that were detrimental to our health in all aspects of life. These principles also taught us how to treat others and how to create a hospitable environment for guests at our Caliphates.”

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Self-Love Tip #1: Worship Your Hair

While I was growing up there were no black Disney princesses. Had there been a black princess, surely I would have identified with her and wanted to look like her, perhaps, even be her. However, all I knew was Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and you know all the other beautiful non-black Disney princesses. So is it far-fetched to say that maybe black women admired white women during that time?

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