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Bernice (Parables of Life)

Bernice (Parables of Life) is a Peaks Journal writer, and also the founder of Peaks Journal.

Born on the 4th of January, 1995, Bernice has lived in the U.S. and China. She enjoys traveling, writing and reading. She spends some of her down time in the kitchen experimenting with recipes and inventing foods and desert to her taste.

Ever since childhood, Bernice has enjoyed reading a variety of stories. At 10, she got into the craft of writing. Find the link to her WattPad  and Instagram accounts below. She wants to warn people that those stories were created during her teenage years and are not reflections of her current talent. She recently published a book she wrote at 16, through Amazon kindle. It is available  here!

She founded Peaks Journal, formerly known as Peaks and Valleys, on March 17th, 2018, after deciding that there is plenty of room and need for an online journal that contains free, thoughtful, non-elitist expression and information pooling with a side of supportive promotion of small businesses and entrepreneurs.




Motto: The story of Icarus teaches us that literally nothing can stand in our way. Fly toward the sun, but be cautious.

Swesuny (Ma. Lowela Tondo Becaro)

Swesuny is a Peaks Journal writer. Most of the content she has submitted so far are poems. She is a highly talented poet, and has a large social media following. 

Born on the 5th of February, 1984, in President Roxas, Philippines, Swesuny loves reading, writing, drawing and crafting.

She received a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Nursing and is currently working as a licensed nurse. Though she did not give up on her passion in the arts. She recently published her debut poetry book, In to her Heart, which is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in both physical and electronic forms.

She is the author of the following poems on Peaks Journal:


The Broken Heart Syndrome

Check out her website and Instagram.


Instagram: @swesuny_intoherheart