Anyanwu: The Eye of Light

Learn about anyanwu, the igbo people’s Sun deity — eye of the sun.

Odinani: The Sacred Arts & Sciences of the Igbo People

“Anywanwu” by Ben Enwonwu

The sun is one of the most universally revered objects in human history. Just about every culture on the planet honors it for all the different gifts that it brings to our planet, bringing both the light and heat that make life on our planet possible.

Sol Invictus

For one, our method of keeping time is based on it, as for the majority of human history, our clocks were sundials. Most of our modern calendars (including days of the week ala Sun-day), are based off it, and lot of our major holidays originally started as solar equinox or solstice celebrations (such as Easter and Christmas respectively). Even western astrology focuses on a person’s sun signs. Needless to say, our lives revolve around the sun…literally.

“The Sun Shine Brightly” by Uche Okeke

Amongst Ndi Igbo, the Sun was referred to as Anyanwu (An-yan-wew). This is a…

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