Thoughts on a Photograph of You

by Elizabeth Jane Timms

I entered by your eyes, for your face wanted
To take me away, far away into the world that you were.
The world that our love had made and given us.
And I roamed your face, lifted your lids like an exploring child,
Climbed onto your temples,
Surveyed the world from your brow.
Your face gave me a place for my love to look at,
Features for my feelings to flee to.
And I would, like a child, curl down to sleep within your face,
And in that gaze you came to me, as my eyes met yours again
In that frozen moment, for nothing could break it.
For your face in that instant, held mine thereafter and forever.

Elizabeth Jane Timms is a historian, writer, historical consultant and poet, based near London, UK. Timms is a member of Oxford University Poetry Society. EJT’s poems have appeared in The Oxonian Review, North of Oxford Journal and others. Forthcoming poetry includes Allegro Poetry Magazine.