Reviewing The Source of Betrayal by Akwasi Maru

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Akwasi Maru is a multi-genre author, poet and doctoral student. He’s also a father, husband and Fire Captain. Mr. Maru has memberships in several nonprofit organizations that grant youth scholarships and engage in community charity.


The Source of Betrayal is a recent release by author Maru, published February 1. The story takes place mostly on or near a college campus in Maryland. The main character, Jarrod, is a star basketball player who is obsessed with a girl he met in his first year with whom he shared one class.

The Source of Betrayal is no more than 120 pages. Author Akwasi Maru starts the story with a prologue. The events in this section take place eight years into the future. Jarrod is the only character in the prologue identified by name, other than an old woman named Mary. It’s clear that the author’s intent for the prologue is to add depth to the story.

The story follows Jarrod’s life as he maneuvers through several obstacles, all of which seem a bit overblown or bizarre. He suffers tragedy time and again due to the poor and irrational choices he makes throughout the story.

Jarrod is also an amateur poet, writing heartfelt poems on his tablet throughout the story.

Additional Details

The Source of Betrayal is a heavily narrated dramatic romance with very little dialogue, which makes it read more like a stream of consciousness or fairy tale, than a realistic romance novel.

The characters in the story are all objects that rely heavily upon the interactions between the main character Jarrod, and themselves. Outside of these interactions, there is little development of these characters.


Alana Dubois, the woman Jarrod thinks he’s fated to be with, is a tortured character that deserves a voice. She’s surrounded by a few characters, including the main character, whose sole purpose is to take advantage of her in some way. Additionally, the lack of emotional depth between Alana and Jarrod is unfortunate, especially since the story is apparently about their relationship – but the story is quite compelling.

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