Book Review: Behold

Thinking about Rikke Delhi’s expressive poetry collection. Behold is both haunting and unique.


Peaks Journal

Behold,Rikke Delhi

PJ Review Score: 4/5

PJ Review Score applies to book reviews done by Bernice only.

1 – 2: Poor; doesn’t meet basic standards of plot, character development. Extreme grammatical errors.
3: Average; includes some plot & character development; author’s intent is expressed; a few typos and/or grammatical mistakes.
4: Good; competent plot & character development; unique style stands out; author’s intent expressed; a few typos.
5: Superior; a ‘wow’ read; heavy and nuanced plot & character development; expert in own, unique style; author’s intent clear; no typos.


Rikke Dehli is a Danish author of Behold,a poetry collection filled with free verse poetry published in November of 2017. Beholdis Rikke Dehli’s first published poetry collection.

The cover art is unique and simplistic. It’s a good representation of the poems that can be found within the book itself.


Before delving into…

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