When I hated You

by Bernice Groves

You made me hate you
Curse your name and
wish death upon the same

You taught me things
How to hate, manipulate
Bend and twist my foes.

You taught me this
Through delicate manipulation
Desire and temptation

With a twitch of your finger
You twisted my soul, bent my will
Until you had the control.

I was sound asleep
Within those thorny, gentle arms
Hypnotized, awake but unalarmed.

Remember that day?
I woke up in pain
And was never the same.

Horrified, I tore myself away
I spit in your face, cursed your name
Swearing that you’d be the one I’d maim

I vowed I’d be the who ends you
Imagined ways of making you pay
Starting with that first day.

From the start, you were a snake
A ghoulish monster sporting
Human flesh, you were fake

I used to blame myself
How didn’t I see?
But it wasn’t my fault, I was naive

All naïveté is
Is having trust in a person
That doesn’t deserve it.

It took a long time
But I know that now
I accepted it, somehow.

You made me hate you
Curse your name and
wish death upon the same

But again, I woke up
Not horrified, or afraid
But with the knowledge you had already paid

You’re broken inside
Left for dead on the road
Without me, you have no home.

But I don’t pity you
You don’t deserve it
Your status in life is a perfect fit.

A coward lives
As a coward dies.

CREDIT: The gif was created by Xavier Lopez.

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