Time-Blind John (Part One)

Reposting because this is a classic. A great thought piece by Alan and Johnny.

Peaks Journal

Alan’s Contention

“John’s world would be pretty amazing.”

Without a concept of time, John’s memories would have no order. No logical sequence. Think about it, he wouldn’t even be able to logically establish that if he was a baby in this memory, it must have happened before that memory of him as an adult.

The concept of change, of time passing, would be lost. He would, of course, know it is him in the memory, because whenever he recalled a memory, he would literally live the experience again. And from that first person perspective, he would know that the little body is his.

I kind of imagine that John’s life would be a random jumping from one experience to another, without any connection, except that he is playing the lead role in each.

Just like when we smell something and it “takes us back”, I feel like such a memory…

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