A Walk in the Woods – Psychology Test

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Take this interesting test to pass the time.  Remember your responses, and read the results below!

You’re walking through the woods. Who is with you?
You see an animal. What is it? What kind of interaction do you have with it? How do you feel about it?
Deeper in the woods, you see a house. Is it fenced? What does it look like?
You enter the house and go into the dining room. What does it look like? What’s around the dining table? 
You go out back and see a cup lying on the ground. What does it look like? 
You walk further away and come across a body of water. What is it? How do you cross it?


The person walking next to you is the most important person in your life right now. 
The size of the animal represents how you perceive your problems. How you interact with it is how you deal with your problems. 
The house represents your dream home. If it’s fenced, you have a closed personality. The size represents your ambition.

If there are flowers, people or food around your table, then you’re generally an open and happy person. 
The cup represents your relationship to the person in question 1. Metals represent stronger relationships. 
The size of the water represents your libido. Whether or not you get wet represents how influenced you are by your libido.

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