Profile: Business Professional ATL, Veronica Manuel

Veronica Manuel is an insurance agent. Her company, Business Professional ATL, is located in Atlanta, GA.

Hello Everyone! My name is Veronica and I’m a 23 year old, licensed health coverage professional in the metro Atlanta, Ga area. I have several interests but I love playing tennis the most.

Business: Business Professional ATL/US Health Agent

I offer a variety of services, from creating resumes and cover letters, to writing great health coverage policies (they are all listed on my Facebook page). I’m constantly updating posts on my page, and offering new services.

What inspired you to start and what’s your content like?

I want to help people in any way I can, so I decided to offer my services at a cheaper rate. I emphasize and focus on different things at different times. Right now the main content/services are resume writing and health coverage policies.

Do you have a specific audience?

Anyone! (Mostly healthy individuals for the health coverage policies)

What do you hope people get from your business?

Knowledge. Even if you don’t use any of my services I hope you were able to gain something from my platform.

Any advice for other people seeking to start their own business?

There is so much to be afraid of, so much to fear, so many risks to take, but you will never know if you could’ve been successful until you’ve tried. Be okay with being you.

Do you have a motto? 

Be The You Of The Future. Don’t Let The Present Tear You Down.”
There is so much to say, but in a nut shell, don’t let your past determine your future. There are a lot of obstacles in the way but so long as you identify them you can make a way around them. Time is not up yet.

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