I am From Train Tracks and Busy Streets

by Vivian

I am from train tracks and busy streets.
From motorcycles rides through the city
and instant noodles,
The tofu on the streets that caused a round stomach –
a baby so pure and so innocent.

I am from red velvet slippers and
jumping rope in the courtyard.
From the big, mean girls who never let anyone
play with their toys,
Their leader climbing up the stairs to the yellow slide
after me, anger – infused face.

The slow-motion face plant as I hit the ground,
leading to the broken arm in a cast.

I am from middle school “glow-ups” and makeup bags.
There’s always a first time for everything,
baby girl not so innocent anymore.

From highlights to lipsticks, eye-shadow to contour.
The first pebble of insecurity, now towering like mountains.

I am from the stress tearing me apart
between good grades or popularity.

“You need to do better. Universities look at this, you know?”
“Be cute, be hard to get, be confident. But watch out for Mackenzie.”
Those small little slip – ups that seem like the end of the world
but actually aren’t.

I am from Gingham, Juno, and Lark.

The perfect filter – maybe X – Pro Valencia –
or how ‘bout Skyline? Nah, #Nofilter.

Having to capture the perfect meal,
posing with the perfect body,
living the perfect Instagram life.

The staged smile on the girl holding plastic flowers
pretending to be happy. No, no! I don’t want to be her!

I am from Grey’s Anatomy and Disney movies.
To grow up and help the needy, to cure diseases,
to advise medicine.
To escape with the rose, flee with two glass slippers,
and not kiss the frog.

Wanting to be my own woman,
to do something better for the world,
without Prince Charming.

I am from the fascinating world of medicine.
To witness the very first breath to the last dying breath,
not just once, but a million times.

That “tears and smiles” moment in life
when joy and pain are seen together,
holding hands.

To experience a miracle of a lifetime,
or to mourn beside a deathbed.

I am from greatness and failure.
I still have a lot to learn, with many mistakes
and failure along the way.

Embarking on a journey to find the meaning of life,
every moment leading from:

I am from train tracks and busy streets.

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