2020 Presidential Candidate with #HumanityFirst Policy


By now, you’ve probably heard about Mr. Yang running for president in 2020. There’s been a steady buzz on social media, and the internet about this guy. For many it’s like a beacon of hope in a darkening America.

What you probably didn’t know is that Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur who is passionate about saving jobs for Americans, increasing healthcare, introducing universal basic income, and legalizing marijuana across the board.

Here’s an overview of just a few of the policies he intends to tackle once he’s president:

Climate Change

Earth’s climate has varied over billions of years. However, in the last one hundred years, the planet’s climate has changed rapidly.

Andrew Yang intends to tackle the threat of climate change by investing in innovative technologies geared toward reversing damage already done and ending tax cuts to fossil fuel companies that give them advantages over natural energy companies.

He also intends to instate a tax on emissions that will help fund healthcare initiatives.

Reduce Mass Incarceration

According to statistics, America imprisons a high percentage of its population. People of color are imprisoned at a higher rate than white Americans. The justice system in America is not results-driven – prison follows people throughout their lives, offering them only limited options for rehabilitation.

Mr. Yang intends to look at treatment options for drug offences and end the use of private prison facilities.

Controls on Higher Education Costs

Americans have seen a constant increase in price in almost every consumer item, including tuition. However, college tuition prices have soared beyond most other services.  The cost of tuition, including room and board, and miscellaneous fees was about $9,000 at an average college in 1980. By 2014, that price increased to $23,000.

Mr. Yang intends to revisit several policies that may contribute to lowering the burden of student debt. He also intends to emphasize the importance of Universities offering quality education by having them invest more in education and less in administrators.

Increasing Teacher Salaries

We all know that teachers get paid little. Often times, teachers are even forced to stock some classroom materials themselves, from their own pocket. Student success and the contentment of teachers with their jobs goes hand in hand.

Mr. Yang intends to improve the quality of teachers, as well as provide rewards for teachers that invest in their skills.

Universal Basic Income

Finally, universal basic income. You may be wondering what it is and why it’s something you should care about. Well, remember all of the financial problems America’s facing right now? Mass student loan debt, low teacher salaries…to name a few. Believe it or not, this may be an answer to some of the financial problems many Americans face.

Mr. Yang calls universal basic income the ‘freedom dividend,’ which would pay every American between 18 and 64 years old $1,000 a month. This would be an extra $12,000 in your pocket! But, I get it. It doesn’t seem feasible.

Mr. Yang asserts that the money to pay for the ‘freedom dividend’ would come from four sources:

America’s current spending, with a focus on the current welfare program. People currently receiving benefits will not be able to receive the $1,000 in addition. People receiving benefits have the choice to opt-out, which would supposedly free up some funds.

  • A VAT – a tax on a company’s goods and services. This is especially geared toward larger corporations.
  • New revenue that comes from more money in the pockets of Americans. According to the Roosevelt Institute, the economy is projected to grow, creating around 4 – 5 million jobs. The growth is estimated to generate around 400 billion in new revenue.
  • Over one trillion dollars are spent on the healthcare industry, the prison industry, and other services. The UBI could save between 1 and 2 billion dollars here.

This is not an expansive or detailed look at Mr. Yang’s policies. This is a brief summary of a few of the issues he intends to tackle once he is in office. It’s strongly recommended that you visit his website yourself, and familiarize yourself with his take on the issues plaguing America

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    Mr. Yang calls universal basic income the ‘freedom dividend,’ which would pay every American between 18 and 64 years old $1,000 a month. This would be an extra $12,000 in your pocket!


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