Book Review: Cadence

by Mark Kodama

I just finished reading Cadence, a book of poetry edited by Grant Hudson and written by members of the Inner Circle Writer’s Group.  It is a best seller in France.  The anthology includes my poem, “The Tortoise and the Thoroughfare.”  Poetry, for many people, unlike prose, is an acquired taste.  Oftentimes, you need to read the poem two, three or more times to really appreciate its power, meaning and beauty.  But the extra time it takes has it rewards.  And Cadence really has something to offer every one.
The book was published by Clarendon House Publications and is available through

The subject matter of these seven-seven poems range from life, death, love and everything in between.  There were epic stories, acrostic verses and villanelles.  My very favorite poems – and there were many – were “The Dawn of Another day, Another Bed Free” by Steve Edwards, “Robbed” by A.K. Hata, “Free Falling Eagles” by Julie Eger and “The Mirror” by Anglika Delf.  The poems speak for themselves:

“The Dawn of Another day, Another Bed Free” by Steve Edwards

“I don’t have a camera but instead I use a pen.

Another pheasant squawks as the clouds become a brighter red

Red sky in the morning, farmers say.

One less today, as dad slips away.”

The end of a life, but a good dawn, it’ll be a lovely day.

Everything will be okay.

“Robbed” by A.K. Hata

On his face, such a peaceful countenance,

agleam by the dying sun’s last light,

Missing movement gives doubt sustenance,

his beloved soul has taken flight.

Deserted his body, eternal night.

“Free Falling Eagles” by Julie Eger

“Milliseconds before they plunge to their death

She lifts off to the east and he to the west

While I stand alone, in awe, impressed.”

“The Mirror” by Anglika Delf

“Look in the mirror, what do you see?

What a ‘broken heart’? A ‘worthless?’ A ‘no one to be’?

“You may not believe me, but I certainly know

Behind all this sorrows, lies a beautiful soul.” 

Note: This review was submitted by a guest writer who has some association to this book.

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