Travel: The Dwell Hotel


Chattanooga, Tennessee is known for many things. From the beautiful Tennessee river that runs through the city, to the beautiful Appalachian mountains that frame it, it is truly a tourist’s playground. Chattanooga is also well known for being the site of many battles during the Civil War. As a result, Chattanooga has a wealth of historical museums and battlefields that the tourist can visit.

For the tourist looking to stay in a unique hotel, then my recommendation would be The Dwell Hotel. The Dwell has a long and rich history. Before it was ever a hotel, it was Fort James. The Fort played an influential role during the Civil War.

Decades later,  Chattanooga experienced an industrial explosion so spectacular that the moniker ‘Dynamo of Dixie’ was created to describe the sudden influx of businesses and money. During this time, Fort James became the ‘Colonial Hotel.’

The style and name of the hotel would continue to change, until 2016, under the innovative leadership of  Seija Ojanpera.

The Dwell 

Stepping inside The Dwell is like stepping inside of a fairy tale book. Think Alice in Wonderland meets The Great Gatsby. The Dwell has 16 uniquely designed rooms, all with bright and bold colors, accompanied with retro, but comfortable furniture.

The design of the hotel is honestly the best I’ve seen, as far as boutique hotels go. The Dwell is almost like a hotel that doubles as an art museum, which is obviously what all hotels need to be like.

If you didn’t think it was possible for the staff at a hotel to look as if they’re apart of the design, then you’ve been visiting the wrong hotels. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful.


Rooms are cozy and elegant.

The bathrooms are fantastic, spacious.

Staff is helpful.

Unique, and comfortable.


Parking is a bit weird, but they have a complimentary valet service.

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