Do What It Takes

by J. Niziolek

We will not be defined by the struggles we are facing.
The distance between us has always been like a paper airplane.
It seems like the miles will soar on for forever, but soon we will find ourselves landing in the same spot we’re supposed to be before the air stops lifting the paper wings in the sky.

We will do whatever it takes.
We have a new direction, but the goal is the same.
You and me in whatever our forever will end up looking like.
We refuse to play with the paints of fantasy anymore; we will build something from the brinks and borders of struggles and adversities.

Painting our sky by the faith of the monarch butterfly a blue that even water would envy.

We know the work we have ahead of us to reshape the picture from dream to final reality will take time, but it will be time well spent.
Especially if it makes us a better, stronger partner to one another.

Doing whatever it takes is the hardest DIY project ever done.
Because reinventing a picture for two people meant to be with one another, is always a worthwhile challenge to embark upon.
When it’s love; when it’s real, you do whatever it takes.

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