The Clothes We Try On

by Vivian

The men and woman try each other on
Casually, like suits, rejecting those that do not fit.
The clothes that fit the body snug
Complimenting the curves and concave stomachs

He was here to stay, but only for the season
She found one that fits, one that compliments her eyes
He was just to wear a couple times and then

Forgotten. But at the end of the day, the clothes come off –

Get switched for a new set.
When she finds another suit, better and bolder
And when he doesn’t compliment her eyes anymore,
Not as much as her, she’ll switch him in

For the one that makes her eyes twinkle.
She’ll be happy with her new clothes for a while…
Until she finds one that makes her eyes sparkle.

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I'm a self-proclaimed aesthete, an amateur literary critic and a history buff with a BA in Political Science and History from Wesleyan College.

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