Profile: Shawanda R. Randolph

Shawanda R. Randolph is the eldest of four children. She has a lot of cousins too, and think of them as her siblings. She’s from New Jersey. She’s lived in 4 different states and attended 5 high schools. A few years after graduating high school, and briefly attending Rutgers University, she joined the United States Air Force. She retired from the Air Force after proudly serving 20 years. She writes mostly Christian nonfiction.

She currently resides in Arizona with her son. She loves spending time with family when she is not busy. Shawanda’s work is inspirational and also includes some biblically inspired poetry.

I asked her to talk about her upcoming novel. Here’s what she had to share:

Fresh Manna: Journey To A New Beginning, is a devotional.  The idea is for the reader to take a personal 40-day journey through the book.

It can be used to help individuals “stuck” in life situations. By taking time to venture through the journey, the book will provide challenges to help gain a better perspective on how to move forward, by first discovering why they were stuck in the first place.

It was republished 1 April 2018 with new content. The new book contains thought-provoking questions or challenges at the end of each day. The idea is for the reader to reflect and (possibly) journal their responses, for continued reflection that will contribute to their growth.

It is currently only available in paperback. I understand we love our electronic devices, yet, I present a challenge to “unplug” with no possible distractions and spend that time reading and reflecting.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Stay with me to find out where you can buy it. Hint: It’s toward the end of this article.

I asked what inspired her to write this book. Here’s her response:

This book was truly inspired during my personal devotional time with God. I explain in greater detail during the first devotional day, how the day’s events unfolded.

The goal, however, is to challenge the reader’s thought process along their journey. The reader will examine what influences their views and why. Do we view society through the eyes of God or view God through the eyes of society?

Once our eyes are open, we can begin to realign ourselves, our minds, and actions with God, and begin learning what it means to walk in covenant with him. Decisions and choices become easier to make when we walk with God.

I wanted to know if she had any more information to give about her experience writing this book. She did:

Unlike, many other devotionals, this can be used time and time again and can accompany a period of fasting. It, in a sense, takes the reader on a personal exodus or wilderness journey.

One does not have to be stuck either. Perhaps, one is just seeking a closer time with God. This will surely help anyone no matter where they are in their walk with God, even an unbeliever or one uncertain.

A plus about this devotional is there are ways to connect with me for additional support/guidance as readers embark on their journey. This was added due to requests made by previous readers and others I continue to work with.

There are programs available where people can request individual time to ask questions or talk through challenges they have during their journey.

 Wondering if this is her first published book?

This is my first published novel.  Initially, it was released in December 2017.  It was republished with additional content in April 2018.

The second release contains questions and challenges at the end of each day. The idea is for the reader to take additional time to reflect and possibly journal their responses.

I asked if she had anything she’s currently working on. She does!

I plan to have it completed by August 2018 and published no later than September.  Readers can follow me on social media to learn more about the release date.

The work in progress is about how we “see, feel, and relate” to God.  As with all of my writings, this novel is for the ‘churched’ and ‘unchurched’ alike.  It takes a look at how and why people may struggle with relationships (or deeper relationships) with God as well as ways to move forward.  The key is using practical and relatable lessons to explore these areas.

Here’s what she really wants you to get from her work:

I am merely a vessel.  I desire that people get to really know God and His Love. If I can help in any way, through my life or my writings, then that is what I want.

I strongly believe we are all born with a purpose. God desires that we come to discover our identity and purpose in Him.  It’s my passion and purpose to help others rediscover themselves and the world through the eyes of God, the Creator.

In some ways, this is done through the healing of past wounds and gaining the ability to have a fresh outlook on life.

There is no greater joy than to help people realize or begin to work towards their God-given purpose and beginning to fulfill their destiny rather than walking in the identity that others have created for them. I want to see people begin to understand what it means to “walk with God” and following Him in a relationship rather than leaning on their own understanding and struggling to get through life.

Fresh Manna is available for purchase on, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and other online retailers. Readers can also purchase autographed copies of Fresh Manna here.

Her advice for people wanting to follow their dreams:

GO FOR IT!!  Do not be discouraged by what anyone else does. Your work will always reach those who need it the most. Stay true to your writing and never let anyone change your message.  God gave you a gift to reach certain people, not everyone, so stay encouraged.

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