Profile: G.D. Talbot

Greg Talbot (G. D. Talbot) started writing 6 years ago and quickly discovered that a lot of Christians were looking for exciting, mysterious, and intriguing stories. While filling this need he’s also put in some modern day societal problems like racism into his stories.

 I write mostly Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy but I have, and will dive into other areas when inspired to.

 Tell our readers about your latest book:

The last book I published was The Crystal Sphinx. Where the story of The Tower of Babel meets The Twilight Zone in present day. I wanted to share how I envisioned what happened at The Tower of Babel. Sorry, no spoilers, but it will make you think. I wanted to make people think about how we are one people of the earth in a very entertaining way.

He has several unpublished stories. He’s currently searching for representation for some of them. We asked about his first ever story, because the first story is one of the most significant for writers.

The first book I wrote was called Alien Racism. I was trying to give my views on modern day racism in an entertaining way that wouldn’t make people think I was trying to preach to them. I discovered that I had written a Good Samaritan story.

Here’s what he had to say about his writing progress:

I have gotten better, longer and more emotionally powerful stories. Also, I made my way into Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy stories that entertain.

I want people to be entertained by my faith. Not be preached to or depressed, which I have noticed that Christian stories have been becoming over the years.

Here’s some encouragement for writers!

Never stop writing. Never stop dreaming. Remember to write the story you want to hear and let the world conform around you, not the other way around. It is better to have a failed book that you love, than a successful book that you compromised on and don’t like. And there will always be people that will like your vision. The hard part isn’t writing, it’s finding the people.

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