Profile: Amber Conley

Amber Conley is a 19 year-old novelist from West Virginia. She enjoys spending time with her family, when she isn’t consumed by writing. She’s written upwards of seven novels, most of them unpublished. She began writing four years ago, and hasn’t stopped since!

IG: amberconley_author

Her latest novel is Rise to Fame. Here’s the description:

 Austin Clark was an ordinary teenager who loved to sing. He was just posting covers of songs on YouTube. One day after school, he came home and checked his email. A music producer had contacted him stating that he wanted to meet. He asked his parents about it and they told him that they wanted him to focus on his school work but, he doesn’t listen to them. Instead he fly’s out to California to meet with the music producer. His parents later find out that he went behind their backs. They decide to fly out their and find their son. Their plan was just to bring him back home but, their minds changed when they saw how happy he truly was. Then out of the blue he loses his father. Will he be able to get over the loss and still be able to pursue his music career or will he lose sight of everything that he’s worked so hard for.

You can purchase this book on Amazon in both E-book and paperback formats. When asked what inspired her to write this specific story, she told Peaks Journal:

Well, it all started out when I first started high school and I kind of just fell in love with writing and that’s what inspired me to write this story.

We asked her about the first story she ever wrote, and if she can notice any changes in her skill:

Yes, it has gotten much better! It was called She Thinks She’s all That. It’s about a girl who goes to a new school and is bullied for pretty much anything that she does.

She wants everyone who reads her novels to gain confidence in who they are. Her singular message in her novels is to pursue your dreams, no matter what.

 If you have a dream then go for it! Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something.

To new writers, she says:

Just keep on writing! Never stop!

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