Travel: 7 Best Burger Joints in Beijing

by 罗子禾

I’m a food lover. The thing I enjoy the most is inventing new, on-the-edge, experimental recipes. But at the end of the day, there is barely anything more satisfying and emotionally fulfilling than a good burger. If you too, are a burger lover, let me make sure you don’t find yourself deprived of good burgers when you travel to my hometown, Beijing. It may be important for you to have a list of trusted restaurants because burgers are not that well understood in China. Most restaurants get it wrong in one way or another.

No. 7 Grandma’s Kitchen (near Beixinqiao)

Grandma’s Kitchen isn’t the most amazing restaurant, but it has a nice, quiet, cozy ambiance to it. Their burgers are decent. They understand what a patty is, how melted the cheese is supposed to be. It basically satisfies your craving, and they have decent fries to go with your burgers.

No. 6 Grey Hound (inside Taiguli)

Fun fact, Grey Hound’s logo is a flipped version of the bus company’s logo. I smell a conspiracy theory cooking. Grey Hound’s burgers are a bit small. Even though they are slightly better in quality than Grandma’s Kitchen, they are overpriced. So if you are looking for a boujee restaurant with a decent burger, Grey Hound is a decent choice.

No. 5 Hooter’s (on Hongjie St.)

Even though they lack slightly in variety, Hooter’s make some really satisfying burgers. You can trust them to make your patty juicy and salty. Sometimes I think they go slightly overboard with their salt. But I guess that’s a personal preference. So, if you like your patty slightly saltier than usual, hit up Hooter’s. To make things better, Hooter’s has pretty decent curly fries and a long cocktail menu.

No. 4 Blue Frog Bar and Grill (inside Taiguli)

Blue Frog is a chain. You can find at least one in almost every major city of China. They have a large selection of burgers and a few house specialties. I recommend trying a few if you ever get a chance. Their ambiance tends to land on the loud side. However, the venues are clean and high-end, and their burgers are something you can stuff your face with.

No. 3 Lily’s American Diner (near Sanlitun)

Lily’s American Diner lacks variety, but for its price vs. quality ratio, it beats every place that came before. The burgers here don’t try to be fancy or sophisticated or clever, they are just plain good. Lily’s also serves a burger with cole slaw, which isn’t exactly my thing. But if you like cole slaw, Lily’s is the only place that serves real, legit cole slaw on one of their burgers.

No. 2 The Irish Bar (across the street from Lido Plaza)

The Irish Bar is tied number two with Lily’s. I wanted to give the Irish Bar a slight edge because Lily’s is more of a breakfast restaurant or a diner whereas the Irish Bar is a Bar and Grill. The drink menu is long; the burgers are satisfying; the fries are better than most.

No. 1 Home Plate (Sanlitun Soho)

Homeplate is my indisputable top choice in burger restaurants in Beijing. The long list of burgers cater to a variety of burger lovers, moods and appetite. My personal favorite is the “Itis”. It combines just the right amount of cheese, a juicy and chewy patty, refreshing veggies, and a perfectly toasted bun. 

This list isn’t meant to be complete or universal. I’m just trying to give burger lovers out there a head start. Stay full and happy!

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