I Write a Poem Every Night

by Fidel M. Love

Tonight, I wrote a love poem

‘Cause the words just shifted and sent me

to a happy place as I drifted in memories

of when you used to smile at me

And I laughed a little

thinking of how I let your smile trap me.

So, I wrote a love poem

But last night, I wrote a love torn poem

‘Cause I was feeling that ache in my heart

Why’d you break it apart?

I don’t know if its true love or I’m just taking it hard

That reminds me of a confused poem

which I seem to be thoroughly – I need therapy

for the thoughts in my head

And poetry is what I use for ’em

So, then I read over a beingusedpoem

Since I’ve been used and abused by a few of ’em.

That’s why I choose never to use but soothe you

I remembered a poem I wrote about the touch of your hand

How it had the power to turn the strong into cowards

and have them struggle to stand.

Then I found a poem you wrote and one day handed me

Saying, you loved knowing you could do that

and I was the only man you’d need

So, I can’t understand how you could stand and leave

I’ve wrote so many sad poems that I can’t stand to read

Alone poems, I need a home poems

Lost without his own poems – and gone poems

How I need you to be strong poems…

You brought a clear view to my night, I write every night

‘Cause it was a poem that bought you to my life.

About the Author 

Fidel M. Love is a creative mind and spirit, born and raised on the South-side of Chicago, IL. He has been writing poetry and fiction since age 12. He is a graduate of East-West University with a Bachelors degree in English & Communications. He’s always reading, writing, studying, and learning more to perfect his craft and pursue his dream of being a successful poet and author.

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