Q/A with Randy Mallory–A Professional Drummer

The following Q/A is with Randy Mallory, a highly talented professional drummer. His story is by far, one of the most inspiring.

He’s currently based in Los Angeles, but frequently travels. He’s currently on tour with a Grammy nominated blues artist.

Booking info: randytmallory@gmail.com.

Q.) Can you introduce yourself to the internet?

A.) My name is Randy Mallory. I’m a Los Angeles-based professional drummer. I’m originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut. At 20 years old, I moved to LA to attend a music school called Musicians Institute.

Q.) Awesome. When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

A.) My father was also a professional musician, so it was kind of an easy choice. I was always surrounded by music, but I didn’t make a serious choice until I was about 17 years old.

Q.) So, when was your first gig? How did it feel to be finally on stage?

A.) My first professional gig, while living in LA, was in the summer of 2014. Immediately after graduating from the Musicians Institute, I played at the Common Ground Festival in Lancing, Michigan with a band called Radical Something. It felt great and refreshing to play up there. It’s still surreal at times.

Q.) What has been the most memorable moment in your career?

A.) The most memorable moment was when I got to do a Christmas production in 2016 where I was the “star” of the show. To this day, I still can’t believe that I got an opportunity to do it. I was in front of over 10,000 people over 6 shows! I was able to do a bit of acting and soloing on drums. It was one of the best and nerve-racking experiences of my life.

Q.) That’s amazing! Do you play in just one genre, or are you open to others too?

A.) I’m open to all genres that I think I’m capable to play. I’m currently on tour with a Grammy nominated blues artist. I’ve never professionally played blues before, but I think playing in church as a kid really helped me learn how to play different genres.

Q.) Nice! What is your favorite drum kit?

A.) My favorite drum kit is the Tama Starclassic.

Q.) What is the best thing about being in the music industry?

A.) For me, being in the music industry is very challenging. I love it because it can change for the better, literally overnight. That’s one of the things that keeps me going.

Q.) I’ve heard that being in this industry can be really competitive and stressful. Do you have any advice for people wanting to enter?

A.) My advice would be to follow your gut and be you, whatever that is. The music industry is very cut-throat, but it cannot deny originality and authenticity. That goes a long way.

Q.) How would you describe people youʼve met in this industry?

A.) I really couldn’t put anyone in the same boat. Everyone is different, positively and negatively. But I can say that I have met some lifetime friends in the almost 5 and a half years that I’ve been doing this.

Q.) Where has your career taken you so far?

A.) I’ve been to pretty much every state in the U.S. I’ve also been to Canada, and China.

Q.) How do people book you?

A.) Usually I get work through word of mouth or an audition.
Someone looking to book me, can contact me at: randytmallory@gmail.com, or through my instagram: @randymallory

Q.) When you first decided to leave home to follow your dreams, how did you feel?

A.) I was very nervous and scared. It was my first time ever leaving home, the first time ever getting on a plane, and the first time ever going to LA. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but I just stayed positive.

Q.) Were there people trying to sway you from your decision?

A.) People doubted me. Some told me that it would be too hard and that I should get a normal job, or go to a normal college. It never changed my outlook on what I knew I should do.

Q.) Do you have regrets about anything? Is there anything youʼd have done different?

A.) I wish I would have known sooner that worrying is only going to make the journey that much harder.

Q.) Finally, what is your life‘s motto? What keeps you going?

A.) My motto is: positivity is key throughout everything. Its easy to overthink things and to worry about things that aren’t in your control. Having a positive outlook on life in general will get you that much farther.

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