Moorish American Philosophy Summed Up

by Almahiqa Sulayman Muzakir-El

Hello, my name is Almahiqa Sulayman Muzakir-El. I was Christian for the first 23 years of my life. Once I obtained the knowledge of my forefathers and foremothers, I had to return Christianity and the church back to the European nations, because it was designed for their earthly salvation.

We, as Moorish Americans, are returning to Islam because it was prepared for us by our Forefathers for our earthly and divine salvation. I am happy to be a part of this forum. I come in the ancient greetings of my forefathers, Islam, to you all.

Islam in the culture of the Moslems, simply means peace. Peace with man, peace with all living things, which ultimately leads to peace with Allah. We believe deeply in the universal principles of the cosmological order and how every action has a reaction. These principles taught us also how to properly eat the correct foods and not to consume the foods that were detrimental to our health in all aspects of life. These principles also taught us how to treat others and how to create a hospitable environment for guests at our Caliphates.

My religion is known as the old-time religion called, Islamism. Islam means peace and ism means the act of; Islamism translates to the Act of Peace in English.

Restoring Culture and Ancient Principles:

I am a Moorish American by nationality. I am a descendant of the ancient Canaanites, Moabites, & Hamitites that inhabited the northwestern shores of Africa. Although I was born in America, I am an heir of the ancient Moors political status. As a Moorish American, I believe that the culture and principles of my forefathers and foremothers are important, and I will go into brief details about the reasons that it’s of sincere importance to me and other Moslems and Moabites that inhabit the shores of North America.

Let us begin with how we all got here, which is by way of the woman. In our teachings we are taught that the Asiatic woman is the original woman – from her comes all life. The original woman is a treasure and all treasures must be sought out deeply, before gazing upon it’s majestic traits. Most, if not all, treasures are found deeply buried under the depths of something. It requires patience, discipline, hard work, and consistency to obtain such a prize. When discovered, it must be treated with a godly care.

In the Moslem culture, you’ll usually find the woman covered. This is a metaphor of the treasure that she is. Until one has endured the above requirements to obtain the treasure, only then can the treasure be in the care of the man. In my culture, the woman is a sacred gem, so she must be well kept. She is the life force that Allah has chosen to cultivate the seed of man, therefore she must be protected, honored, loved, and respected.

Now to approach the culture and attire of the men: usually, you will see the men dressed in thobes that represent varying degrees of priesthood. We also adorn ourselves with several different headdresses. The fez is a headdress that is widely known across the world. The fez originated in Fez, Morocco, and it was issued to those who received the degrees of civilization at the university.

The fez is a headdress that represents one who has the degrees of civilization. The turban represents the covering of the “Most High.” Also, to clear the air, the fez is a man’s headdress; no woman in ancient times wore a fez. Only now, in Shriner or in Freemasonry organizations, is the woman adorned with a fez.

Ancient Principles and Foundation of Religious Backgrounds.

Islamism is a universal and old-time religion. We honor all Divine prophets: Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, & Confucious. Truth cannot change or pass away, nor can customs alter the nature of truth.

Our Caliphates were home to all schools of thought:

The Koran gives the degrees of Mohammadism; the Septuagint, which is the real Bible, gives the degrees of instruction known as the Torah/Yorah; the scrolls of cosmological order, scrolls of enlightenment are known as Buddhism; scrolls of the rhythm of the Divine water flow with the sounds and frequencies are known as the degree of Hinduism; scrolls of philosophy are known as the degree of Confucianism.

These principles are the foundation of our religious practice and all of these principles point us in the direction of peace. This is why most Moslems have a holistic eating regiment that doesn’t consist of killing any animals or taking away from any animal.

These ancient principles are very important and very vital to how we managed the empires and the world. The very practice of Islamism aligns or binds us to the universal rhythm that’s brings us within the flow of the divine.

Once these principles are violated we are taken out of the universal rhythm of the divine, which puts us into a state of chaos, known as the condition of hell. In ancient times, Heaven referred to a condition of the mind or society. The term hell was also used in the same context.

To make a long story short, when we begin to forsake our ancient principles, we forsake who we truly are and when we forsake ourselves. We lower ourselves to the level of a beast and eventually, we’ll find ourselves in the fields.

This is one of the spiritual reasons why my forefathers, the Moors, fell from their dominion across the globe. If I had to sum up why restoring culture and ancient principles are important, I would draw everyone’s attention to my people’s current conditions on the shores of North America.

They are suffering from a serious identity crisis and they are suffering on a violent scale, because they have no truly balanced principles that keep them in harmony with the divine.

My heart goes out to my people and to see them in this condition is disheartening. I labor as much as I can and strive to do more to help my people rise above the mental conditions of chattel slavery.

This is my vibration concerning restoring culture and ancient principles. Shukran (thank you) for giving me your undivided attention. I leave as I came, salaam.

~From The House Of Muzakir-El

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