Everyone Loves My Baby, Jeremiah

Everyone loves my baby…

He’s so innocent and pure and friendly, and maybe…his differences are a part of his super power…better yet, maybe his purity is to show us humility, because his character is judgement free.

What I would do to see the world through his eyes and experience his vision!

And yea he has his routines and his energy is shifted when the routine is out of sync, but learning him is to understand the complexity of his mind…one beyond the capacity of yours or mine…it’s like his mind, is working intricately and unified…causing him to trust people blind and love without conditions…

You see where many people see Autism as a disability, I see it as an extraordinary ability to analyze and break things down for what they truly are and not based off false perceptions of reality…

You see, because his beliefs aren’t easily altered and he stands his ground without hesitation and I commend him for it, but at times my pride is overshadowed by my apprehensiveness of society…

Realistically speaking I mean…he’s just another black boy in society….

Like when I give direction, the bewilderment in his eyes are evident to me, but what will society see? What will the cops see? When they give my baby an order and he doesn’t comply? Not because he’s defiant but because he doesn’t understand…why?

Like how am I supposed to teach him that he can’t love everyone unconditionally? And how am I supposed to prepare him for this ugly world where all he sees is the beauty in it? What kind of sensory exercise can help create awareness and compliance when faced in certain situations…because the reality of it is…it’s hard being a mom to a black boy today…but the intensity level increases when you add a socially challenged spectrum disorder into the today…of society…

I knew his name before I knew what he will be…God must of sent him to me perfectly imperfect for me because Jeremiah… biblically, is a prophet of judgment and hope and causing a change of heart into people of the world…

And ironically my baby’s message has impacted every person he encounters subconsciously…so he was destined to take on the challenges that I worry about and change the perceptions of our mentalities…

Through love…

Autistically focusing on the repetitive behaviors of what love is intended to be..

Like I said…every one loves my baby…and his disability is actually a super power.

About The Author

Ness is the mother of an Autistic child, named Jeremiah. Because of her experience, she has decided to build an Autistic youth foundation, called Npowerus, that supports families and their Autistic children. She’s currently in the process of building her website. However, there are a lot of costs associated with building a non-profit, which is why she created a GoFundMe page. Click here to view it.


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