I am. Woman.

What does it mean to be a woman? 

Humans have been asking this same question for thousands of years. Some of the best minds have pondered this question, but missed the mark.

Some have said, to be a woman is to be inherently inferior to man.

Some have said, a woman is an imperfect man. Little more than a slave. 

Some  have said, women are like children. 

The list honestly goes on. It’s an exhaustive list that goes back thousands of years in various cultures.

But none of these cultures answered the question. 

That’s because the question is open ended. Being a woman is not a job. There is no description of responsibilities and characteristics.

We’re in the year 2018. I think it’s about time we stopped assigning static ideas to fluid concepts, like being a woman. 

If being a woman, truly meant all of the things the great men (and women) of old used to think it meant, then women would not have been able to achieve all of the amazing things they’ve done to-date.

Women are not inferior. Women are not treasures. Women are people. 

Women are a people whose history of oppression has affected their opportunities to do everything that men can do. At the same time, rebellious women have made monumental changes in history.

The topic, “Rebel Women,” will highlight all of the rebellious women from the past, until now, who have changed history.

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