Soothing Poems


Soft whispers and gentle kisses.
A reminder of the purest magic
The faintest touch from you
And I’m no more
Lost in a sea of my own passionate love; I am undone.


Rain falls from the heavens.
Our garments are soaked through
But you, you desire to continue
Wandering through this barren field
Convinced you will find a flower, not quite concealed.


These tears soak my face.
There seems to be no end.
They cling to my chemise like children want of love.
Your arms like eagle wings
engulf me and my sorrows too.
It seems that with you my tears cannot contend.


Bare trees and wilted flowers
Colder days with shortened hours
The cold is everywhere, even in my bones.
But my frosty limbs don’t make my mood sour
To the icy weather am I always prone.
Everything dies, but I feel so alive.


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