What is Peaks Journal?
We’re a journal with many topics. We’re still quite young, so the topics we offer will grow as we do. We also offer writing services, and engage in community building projects.

Why is there a ‘V’ in your logo?
The ‘V’ represents valleys.

Where did the name come from?
Peaks Journal came from the name, Peaks & Valleys. Peaks & Valleys refers to the different periods in our lives. Our high moments are the ‘peaks’ and the low moments are the ‘valleys.’ People are taught to be ashamed of the low moments, or hate them. Low moments shouldn’t be hated, because they teach valuable lessons. As a result, ‘high’ moments shouldn’t be chased after, because ‘lows’ always follow the ‘highs.’

What is a Gadfly?
Any philosophers in the room? No? Okay. A gadfly is an insect. Socrates famously referred to himself as a ‘gadfly’ because he made people uncomfortable by questioning problematic beliefs they held dear.

What is Peaks Journal’s focus?
At the moment, our singular goal is to provide representation for traditionally under-represented groups. Our current project relates to that. View it here.
Also, we care a lot about free expression, and the ability to think past personal biases. So most of our content is focused on that as well. Read this article, for starters.

What services do you offer?
At the moment, we offer business reviews, entrepreneur promo articles, author interviews and book reviews. Read one of our promo articles here.

What do your services cost?
Nothing! As a celebration of our founding, we’re offering all of our services for free until June!

Can I use the review for marketing purposes on my site?
We hope you do! Just be sure to give us credit.

Do I get paid for articles?
Currently, Peaks Journal is accepting applications for volunteer writers only.

I want to get updated when you post, but I don’t want to sign up by email.
That’s totally fine! If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll still be updated.

Where can I learn more about the community?

Where can I learn more about the Back to School contests?

I have questions that weren’t answered here. How can I send them?
You can fill out a contact form here.
Or send an email to: publicrelations@peaksjournal.com