Q & A with Carl Story–Up and Coming Pro-Baseball Athlete

The following is a Q & A with Carl Story, a young athlete from Macon, Georgia. He has an entrepreneurial spirit, and an incredibly inspiring story. If you’re struggling with belief in yourself, read this. His singular message to you is: Don’t let anything stop you from living your best life. 

Q: So, introduce yourself to our readers.
A: Hey, I’m Carl Story, most of my friends call me CJ. I went to school at Northeast High School in Macon, Georgia. I’m currently attending Fort Valley State University in Fort Valley, Georgia.

Q:What’s your favorite baseball team?
A: My favorite MLB team is the New York Yankees, and of course, Derek Jeter is my favorite player.

Q: When was the first time you decided to pursue a career in baseball?
A: The first time I decided that baseball was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life was when I was about 10 years old; I said, I’m pretty good at this sport already, and they make good money.

Q: When you made a decision, were people supportive?
A: When I first talked about wanting to become a pro baseball player, like any other kid, people thought I was going to grow out of my dream—become a cop, or something. But once people saw I was serious, I still ran into the non-believers.

Q: Who were your main supporters?
A: My mom and my friends were some of the ones who really supported me throughout little league, and all the way through college.

Q: Did you experience any negativity from anyone after the decision. How did you deal with it?
A: ’Til this day, I still receive negative feedback from people. I deal with it by simply ignoring those people who are too afraid to step into greatness. Most people go so far and then stop—they don’t want to leave their comfort zone. Well, I’m not one of those people. I would rather try and then fail, than to not have tried at all. 

Q: How important do you think support from friends and family is?
A: Support from your family and friends is a major key to making it in the world, because just like baseball, you cannot win by yourself. You need a team to win, and like the Yankees, my team will win.

Q: In the pursuit of your career, what is one thing you realized or learned?
A: In pursuing my major league career, I’ve learned that in order to get where you need to be, you must have will-power. In 2015, I suffered from sudden cardiac death and was told I couldn’t play sports again, but the will I had to live out my dream overcame what the doctor said. Since then, I’ve used that same will to start a baseball team and club at my college—a college that hasn’t even heard the word baseball since 1985.

Q: Wow, you have a serious come-up story! Is there anything else you’ve achieved so far? Are you happy with your progress?
A: To-date, creating the club and team have been my biggest accomplishments; but not only for me. I’ve opened the door for future college players who are not yet ready to give up on their dreams.

Q: What are your plans for the next five years?
A: My plans over the next five years include being part of some type of pro ball club, regardless of whether it’s independent, minors, or majors.

Q: You plan to go pro, right? Are you excited?
A: I’m as excited as a little kid going to Chuck E Cheese when I think about going pro. This has been my lifelong dream and to see something like this become reality would be amazing.

Q: What is the most important thing you want people to understand about you in general?
A: The most important thing people could understand about me is that I keep my faith in God, because all things are possible through him who strengthens me. I wouldn’t be alive today if it hadn’t been for his grace and mercy. So even if your back is against the wall, and even if you are at death’s door, don’t let anything stop you from living your best life.  

6 thoughts on “Q & A with Carl Story–Up and Coming Pro-Baseball Athlete

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  2. This is a very inspiring story not only because this is my son but for others who are facing giant’s while chasing their dreams. Be encouraged and remain faithful to God.

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  3. Carl is a great kid with a bright future ahead of him. He makes me know that our future is in good hands if more of his generation think like him. Good luck CJ, be great.

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