Ditch Soda. Drink More Tea.

Throw your soda away!

While you’re at it, throw away that indistinguishable, drowned in sugar, tea too. They’re just not good for you. Would you eat trash, or food off of the ground? Then, why would you ingest things that are equally as bad to your overall health?

Here’s Why You Should Stop Ingesting Soda

  • It has loads of sugar (Between 10 and 16 teaspoons of sugar in a can, or bottle)

That’s way too much sugar!

  • Too much sugar can kill you. Sugar intake has been linked to a lot of chronic illnesses, and even mental illness; see The White Killer
  • You might as well eat plastic.

Drink More Tea


Replace your daily soda with a nice cup of tea. You’ll feel a difference right away, promise! But here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Try to find loose tea leaves. These are generally higher in quality.
  • Skip the sugar. Remember, too much sugar is bad. Besides, high quality tea brewed right shouldn’t be overly bitter.
  • to ensure your tea isn’t bitter, don’t soak the leaves for too long.
  • You may not be able to find loose tea leaves at a Walmart, or Pete’s. That’s okay. Just whip out Google maps. Or Apple maps. Whatever floats your boat.

Types of Tea

Yes, there are a variety of different teas out there. Some of them have sub-categories, because people love tea. Here’s something to get you started:

Green Tea


Possibly the most well known type, after Black tea. Its health rating is through the roof, though. It has a high content of something called catechin, which is just a fancy word for antioxidant. Antioxidants fight against cell damage. Lucky us, Green tea is loaded with the stuff.

Reminder: The higher the quality, the higher the catechin content.

Green tea has been proven to help with blood flow and can even possibly help with prevent heart issues. Yay Green tea!

White Tea


White is like GT’s younger, quiet sister. The flavor is less distinct, and is milder, which is good news for people who think GT is too bitter. No one really talks about White tea, but its catechin content is just as high as GT’s.

It can also help to prevent heart issues, and may eve help with weight loss! It may also aid in helping to prevent some cancers, but more studies are need to prove it.

Black Tea


Black tea is amazing! Black tea is the cousin that everyone sort of takes for granted. Its caffeine content is high, so it’s great to drink this tea during an afternoon slump. Some studies showed that Black tea may even be a key factor in the prevention of ovarian cancer. It also may help in preventing diabetes and high cholesterol.

Flower Tea


Flower tea is just as amazing. It’s aromatic and great for relaxation. Need to wind down after a long day? Feeling anxiety creep up on you? Drink freshly brewed flower tea. After two cups, you should feel leagues better.

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