One Love Art

Are you an art connoisseur? Among your friends, are you the person to always see art, when others see chaos? Do you believe that art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder? Do you also love art that has uplifting and inspirational messages?

If you answered yes, to any of those questions, then you’ll be amazed by what One Love Art LLC has to offer. All of the paintings are done on quality canvas, with quality paints. One Love Art also offers unique glass cups. The items that One Love Art has for sale are eclectic, and in a lot of ways, mesmerizing.

This is a recommended buy for lovers of art, artists, and eclectics that are drawn to eclectic items. The featured painting on this article belongs to One Love Art LLC. Browse through all of the items! If you don’t find something you like, then you’re in luck! She also does commissions! The website address can be found via her Instagram, One_love_Art.

The following is a Q & A with the artist and owner of One Love Art LLC, Chelsea Love.

  • Q: Where is One Love Art located?
  • A: One Love Art is based in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Q: What inspired you to create your business?
  • A: What inspired me is wanting to be free from being told how to be me. I’ve always wanted my own business making my own rules. One day I woke up and decided that today is the day I start my journey to freedom.
  • Q: What obstacles did you have to overcome?
  • A: The biggest obstacle I had to face most of all, was confidence in my talent. I had a bad habit of comparing myself as a beginner artist to those who have been painting and sketching for years. Once I got out of my head, my work began to flourish more and more. The second thing was finances. Trying to fund a business is tough, but having money makes it a lot easier.
  • Q: How supportive were people around you?
  • A: Very supportive. Even when I feel like I’m not doing my best, my family and friends keep me encouraged. A strong team even if it is only one person is very important.
  • Q: Why do you paint?
  • A: Two words: freedom and expression. I love seeing my ideas and the ideas of my clients come to life in my work. I put so much time and emotion into what I do, and I enjoy sharing that with those around me.
  • Q: Finally, what is the major thing you want people to get from buying your paintings?
  • A: I want them to feel a sense of something. Whether it be peace, happiness, or just awe. I want them to strike conversation with a stranger about what they see in my work.

Creating art takes more than just putting brush to canvas. Art is created through the sweat, tears, and joy that artists feel every time they start the creation process. If love and passion aren’t in the paintings you buy, then you’re appreciating art wrong. Buy from One Love Art LLC, and appreciate art the right way.

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I'm a self-proclaimed aesthete, an amateur literary critic and a history buff with a BA in Political Science and History from Wesleyan College.

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