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  • A Trip Down Memory Lane – Studio Ghibli & Miyazaki Hayao

    4 Feb 2019 by

    The studio Ghibli is known for its dynamic films that portray three dimensional characters that all overcome an essential problem in their life. The films themselves are timeless portrayals of courageousness, loss, and love. Miyazaki’s films are at once, fascinating and dynamic. The Ghibli exhibit is located in Inokashira Park in Mitaka, which is a… Read more

  • Red Land, Black Land

    2 Aug 2019 by

    Three Chapter Summary Chapter One Chapter one is stylistically written as a piece of prose that follows the birth of an Egyptian child. Child birth in Egypt was tied to the divine, and magic. To give birth, women squatted and stood on bricks, known as birthing bricks. After describing childbirth, she describes Egyptian art and… Read more

  • Spies, Scandals & Sultans – Another Engaging Read

    30 Jul 2019 by

    Written 2014; edited 2019 Spies, Scandals & Sultans is an engaging translation of Ibrahim al Muwaylihi’s newspaper reports on the inner workings of the Ottoman Empire, and its relations with Egypt. Roger Allen, the translator, specializes in Arabic literature and is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Ibrahim al Muwaylihi wrote these articles in the… Read more

  • Thoughts on a Photograph of You

    22 Jul 2019 by

    by Elizabeth Jane Timms I entered by your eyes, for your face wantedTo take me away, far away into the world that you were.The world that our love had made and given us.And I roamed your face, lifted your lids like an exploring child,Climbed onto your temples,Surveyed the world from your brow.Your face gave me… Read more

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