Tolerance of Narratives

A Rule of Thumb Inspired by Rudolf Carnap Written by: 罗子禾 One day, I was striking up an interesting conversation with a friend about laws. We looked into the diversity of laws, viz. laws differ from region to region, from country to country, from era to era. We shared a moment of silent admiration after … Continue reading Tolerance of Narratives

The Abuse of Presidential Power

Historically, the Office of the President of the United States was severely limited. If modern presidents went back in time to tell the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Henry, Adams, Hamilton and others, about their duties and responsibilities, most of them would be scandalized. There were dozens of heated debates in the years before the ratification … Continue reading The Abuse of Presidential Power

Book Review: Cadence

by Mark Kodama I just finished reading Cadence, a book of poetry edited by Grant Hudson and written by members of the Inner Circle Writer’s Group.  It is a best seller in France.  The anthology includes my poem, “The Tortoise and the Thoroughfare."  Poetry, for many people, unlike prose, is an acquired taste.  Oftentimes, you … Continue reading Book Review: Cadence

7 Things Intellectuals Need to Read

The Apology Reflex All Intellectuals Have If you're like me, then you lived your life, or most of it, learning how to 'apologize.' Of course, apologizing isn't a bad thing. Hurting someone and then apologizing is a good thing to do. However, apologizing for bruising an ego? Not so much. Since I was young, I've … Continue reading 7 Things Intellectuals Need to Read

Book Review: Behold

Thoughts on Behold; a Poetry Collection by Danish Author, Rikke Dehli. Rikke Dehli is a Danish author of Behold, a poetry collection filled with free verse poetry published in November of 2017. Behold is Rikke Dehli’s first published poetry collection. The cover art is unique and simplistic. It’s a good representation of the poems that can be … Continue reading Book Review: Behold

Travel: Angkor Wat

What images float through your mind when you think about Cambodia? Do you see images where nature meets technology, and the ancient meets the modern? If so, then you’re already on your way to understanding a piece of Cambodian culture. If you’re going to travel to Cambodia, then there are lots of places to go … Continue reading Travel: Angkor Wat

Las Vegas Tales VIII

Bill DeSelms I The Newspaper Reporter Prologue: The Business by Mark Kodama   What is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. James Madison Two movie … Continue reading Las Vegas Tales VIII