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Peaks Journal was created by a writer. We all know that writers love reading. We also know that if you’re an intellectual, then you love being able to savor a solid piece of writing.

At Peaks Journal, we never want to lose sight of the fact that reading is food for the brain. Because we believe that wholeheartedly, our content will always be nourishing.

However, mental palates tend to differ. We want to be an online journal where everyone, regardless of personal affiliations, can come and read.

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Peaks Journal believes in the importance of representation. How often do you come across a really inspirational person or institution that doesn’t get the attention that he or she or it deserves? Given enough support, any one of us is capable of community service and inspiring success. Peaks Journal wants to play a part in helping non-conformist pursuers of dreams and small, local businesses get the proper representation that they deserve.


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… Reader

Our readers are extremely important to us. Often, there is overlap between readers and everyone else. As a reader, you make Peaks & Valleys. We appreciate your views, your likes, and shares.

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All writers are welcome to join the team. There’s a lot of topics Peaks & Valleys already covers, but if you don’t find any of them too interesting, contact us. You’ll need to introduce yourself and state your desired topic. We accept almost anyone, so don’t be shy.

… Blogger

We are open to collaborating with other bloggers, which includes, but is not limited to featuring articles on Peaks & Valleys. Contact us for more information.

… Small Business

Currently, we offer free business reviews, and sponsorship articles on our site. However, this service will not stay free for long, so hurry and contact us. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

… Young Entrepreneur

It’s been said that not many Millenials are entrepreneurs. Well, we think that there should be overwhelming support for the young entrepreneurs who forge ahead despite the dreary economic climate. We are offering free articles on your business initiative.

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If you are an independent author, artist, musician, scientist, athelete, etc and you want to let more people know about your inspiring career, let us know, and we will be happy to give you exposure and others the chance to get to know your work.

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Peaks Journal is a welcoming and inclusive community for people who want to broadcast their thoughts and knowledge. If you are a poet, author, thinker, activist, or art critic, and you want others to hear your original thoughts or want to share your knowledge, Peaks Journal has a place for you.

Simply write us an email at, or leave a message here to let us know what you’d like to write about, and we promise it’ll be a short and simple process to publication!